by Matthew K Magill

This has to be one of those times when I was fortunate enough to be where I’m at, you see I’m an overclocker, I like to buy computer parts, not flagship expensive ones, but the ones that cost next to nothing, I then take them apart and try to improve them to the best of my ability. The key elements to an overclocker is the guts of the computer, namely the CPU and GPU…This is where the majority of my own budget goes to other than cooling which is how we overclockers put it all together.. Most of the time we overlook such things like pretty lights and gimmicks, and focus on instead the function of all our parts together trying to get our mid tier equipment up to high end numbers using voltage, cooling, and knowledge of the inner workings of our parts and how they all match together… Until recently one of the key elements I’ve always overlooked was my monitor, I had no idea of such concepts such as Hz and screen tearing, all I wanted was a decent sized monitor to game on with my overclocked PC. Along comes MSI which decided to grant my access to one of their very best the Optix MAG271CQR. It’s a curved display with gaming performance in mind, such things as 144 hz refresh rate, 1ms response rate and AMD Freesynch not only does it cover all the features a gamer needs but it has some bells and whistles as well.. Lets take a look!

  • Curved Gaming display (1800R) – The best gameplay immersion.
  • Mystic Light – The ultimate gaming finish.
  • WQHD High Resolution – Game titles will even look better, displaying more details due to the WQHD resolution.
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate – Real smooth gaming.
  • 1ms response time – eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • Gaming OSD App – Create the ultimate viewing settings for your game.
  • True colors – DCI-P3 90% & sRGB 115%.
  • AMD Freesynch – prevent screen tearing.
  • Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light – game even longer and prevent eye strain and fatique.
  • Frameless design – Ultimate gameplay experience.
  • 178° wide view angle.

Unboxing… We all know the dreadful ordeal of unboxing, and yes I know all of you despise it just like I do, but lets see what we have in the box…

Its pretty clear, at least in my experience that MSI has all the grounds covered in regards to making sure your monitor stays safe from the wraith of the deliver guys and mother nature. I’ve never seen such care go into a clam shell like this, although I think Ive bought two monitors in my whole life, the rest were second hand, so if you even got a box you were lucky…
I was surprised the monitor itself wasn’t wrapped in the stuff we all like to tear off our computer cases, but it was protected in a bag, no complaints here… I honestly can’t wait to get this thing hooked up so bear with me unless you find this kind of thing interesting..
No shortage of ports on this monitor, I would like to have seen a microphone jack since they did bother to put a headphone one there, but there are so many ways to do that without using a monitor that even has one. The addition of a USB-c port is nice. USB porting from your PC is handled as well. All the cables were included except for USB-c…

So Whats In the Box?

Not sure about you, but I’m gonna pass on those headphone stands that take up valuable desk space and thank MSI engineers for putting one into the monitors side, The spring loaded mechanism pops out much like using a previous gen sd card, and locks into place… I like these attention to details…
I’m still somewhat undecided about RGB, but this monitor has it on the back, which for those that have an open-faced desk is great. mine just faces the wall but puts a nice hue into my little isolated corner lol…
This was a nice gesture, included are all the cables necessary, some standoffs for those wall-mounters, and a spare set of screws in case you are like the rest of us and well, it just happens sometimes…
on the back of the monitor is the navigational button where you can access all the features of the monitor, and honestly there are way too many to list and some really nice ones. I really prefer this method over the typical two to three button use. You can also download and run MSI’s gaming software that has almost all of the features easily reached through software…
This is one thing that really distinguishes the MSI from other monitors I’ve used, the telescopic stand. I measured the reach and it offers an adjustability of around 8in which is nice for those of us concerned with proper posture, Its pre-loaded so its effortlessly adjusted and stays in place, the engineering is simple and straightforward so even with mechanical parts I’m sure it’ll last a lifetime or two…

Final Thoughts

Msi has really outdone themselves with the Optix line of gaming monitors. The depth and details are above and beyond what I could expect in a monitor. I had no idea what screen tearing and all the other complaints were about using a cheap monitor until I hooked this up and started using it. To be brutally honest a gaming monitor is one of the best upgrades you can do if you are an enthusiast. It has literally turned me into a better player, Me eyes feel better, I’m more into my games than ever, even my older games look and perform better now. Its like discovering an SSD is faster than a HDD, or at least pretty close to it.

Of course everything is not perfect for this monitor but its something that I’m sure has been rectified, you see I’m not a big fan of using software when I can avoid it. Instead of installing MSI’s gaming software for this monitor which contains the driver I choose to install the driver only, and it just would not install unless I forced windows to search in the folder I put it in and then manually installed it. Its not that big of a deal, Freesynch and the proper 165hz work just fine without it, you can even run the color test in windows which pretty much negates the whole ‘I want to use the driver’ idea anyways, but I figured it worth mentioning.

All in all this piece of hardware is a must have and I want to thank MSI for thinking of that when they made it, so do yourself a favor and if you don’t have a good fast monitor I would highly suggest this one…

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