• The participators could keep the hardware which MSI provided.
  • The rest of components to build-up a system shall be prepared by participators.
  • Giveaway promotions selected and provided at MSI’s sole discretion.
  1. Community will host and announce Guess and Test program and chose the participators,
    the participators shall be hardware enthusiast and able to build up a system, and willing to share their experience with the group members.
  2. The participators need to do below actions with separated post on community after wine the program.
    A. A. How they build up the system.
    B. B. Their experience after building up System with MSI product .
    C. C. Their comments on MSI Eco system.
  3. Members must be able to supply the missing components to build a complete system..
  4. Members must be willing to build a review to be published on the AMD PCBC website. As well as post in group about your experience with MSI products.

Guess and Test:
MSI will announce a new AMD motherboard very soon.
Try to guess which motherboard it is, and the reason
of your answer, then you will have a chance to test the latest
motherboard and other components together. The most great
Thing is that you can keep the components after sharing the
MEG X570 GODLIKE, because GODLIKE series always comes
Strong VRM.

This giveaway is announced on May 18th.. and will remain open for entry’s till May 21st.

Guess which motherboard it is on the post.
And what key features will be embedded.
MSI will select winner who guess right motherboard name

Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard TBA
AIO MAG Coreliquid 360R
Case MSI Gungnir 110R