So lets clarify the first most miss understood issues with the AMD interface. ( where it has issues working side by side with some 3rd party software. )You will find info on how to do a raw install of drivers only… any user can take any driver set that is compatible with there gpu and use this method and you get no black screens. In this guide it has some really good tools to overclock fan curves any things like this. also how to troubleshoot the issues down and use the amd Adrenaline interface.

Now lets explain how I know how these issues come about with 3rd party app’s software coding works on the principle of working independent of other software. Companies are not responsible for updating code every month or every Driver update in this case here.. So AMD works their own code to give a user all the tools they need over going outside 3rd party software. so using this software can sometimes create unexpected issues. Like the black screen issue where some software will clash with other software.

can find and download the latest driver for your card here…..
I have been working with quite a few people to help come up with the solutions for what is going on with Windows and AMD drivers. Please read through the guide before starting.

Check bios version on motherboard you want to be sure it is November or December or newer Ryzen platforms

Check windows updates and add and remove make sure windows is up-to-date minus February updates

Also riser cables can create issues would be good to remove and try without using a riser cable to help with troubleshooting your issues.

Check for these updates in windows if you have them remove them these are known to cause issues as well



Also remove AMD chipset driver from add and remove programs

Open task manager and disable all start up items one you are stable you can add them back one at a time playing to make sure you are stable in between

Use ddu tool remove all AMD safemode

Remove C:\AMD reboot in to windows after the removal of all drivers then install a fresh downloaded driver.

Install A fresh downloaded driver. If more issues read though this guide for all options.


Before doing a Raw install of drivers here is some more info on settings to change with in AMD interface.

Go to settings of the AMD driver interface and disable the features. After doing so enable them one at a time testing in-between each feature added on..

Sometimes doing a master reset of drivers found under settings will help with issues as well. below is a screenshot where it can be found.

Here is the only setting i set within drivers both are related to Image quality and game performance if the game supports the AMD boost option.

Vega and Polaris users should be fine after a DDU on driver (as far as my testing has gone) if on Vega or Polaris current driver should be fine.

Navi users
if you are having issues on current drivers sets then 19.10.2 should be your safe driver set to game. can be found in link below.

How to find driver using google.
in Google search Type in AMD Driver (version) example: “AMD Driver 19.10.2”
the top link should be the driver version you need.
how to determine drivers versions.
using the 19.10.2
19 = year
10 = Month
2 = is release with in the month
Most months only have 2 some months have more depending if they need immediate fixes for issues.

Raw Driver Install.

After clean uninstall of drivers and removing the folder as shown above. Download a fresh set of drivers from AMD extract the drivers and close the installer.

Please go through the rest of the troubleshooting you card. Before doing this as it will remove feature sets from the AMD Interface that helps improve your gaming experience.

Open Device manager go to display adapters

Yours will say Microsoft device adapter right click and go-to update driver.

Select Browse my computer for driver software

Navigate to the AMD extracted folder for drivers.

After doing a driver raw install you may need programs to do fan curves now we can use most 3rd party software to control these.

Personally I would use the AMD OverDriven Tool.

Setting up the tool is fairly straight forward. It has a section for GPU, and Memory overclocking. if you do not under stand these settings leave them alone. Under fans you can set a temperature and a fan speed target By %. Hit apply and you are good to go.

Power target is just like in wattman you can set it to just the same power targets as you can in wattman if you have not Modded your card to push more out of it.

Green screens black screens can also be caused by cables or multi monitor sometimes as well i would look at cables first.
card troubleshooting

You will Need GPUZ for this testing.

Click sensors tab check the log file save where you can find it I normally do the desktop.

Run a gpu based benchmark or a game to log clocks and temps for your gpu.

open the log file in notepad plus

The log file should look like this for easy reading.

Look for high temps and what clocks they are running at. If you are getting high temps work on cooling your card if not high temps and all other troubleshooting has been done then it might need to be RMA at that point as it is defective.

Possible Software conflicts with AMD drivers.
MSI afterburner

I created a Discord community for AMD GPU’s mostly for Navi users but all AMD gpu users are welcome to join in as most issues can be resolved in the same manor.